Daily Bread Bakers Closes Seed Round

Daily Bread Bakers, LLC, an Orlando-based food retailer, has closed out it's seed round of $500,000 with the assistance of NewGate Capital Partners.

Founded in 2011, Daily Bread Bakers is a cafe concept that combines freshly baked bread with specially curated, artisan jams, butters, honeys and other toppings coming from producers across the country.  By utilizing the careful study of molecular gastronomy, Daily Bread produces uniquely made offerings served alongside a variety of beverages.

"The progression of the Daily Bread Bakers concept was a meticulous 5 year process, a combination of product development, market study and distribution strategy", says Gregg Dobbs, the Founder and CEO of Daily Bread. 

"Our steadfast attention to detail extended beyond the product, the brand and the image. It is reflected in every aspect of the company and its infrastructure, designed and built for rapid expansion. We believe the time spent planning will pay dividends as we begin to grow."

The seed funding came from a private, strategic investor. The deal was put together by NewGate Capital Partners.

"I'm happy to say that the inclusion of NewGate Capital Partners was one of those careful steps that we could not have done without. Larry, Joe and their team of experts was the perfect fit for Daily Bread Bakers. From the first day they became an integral part of our organization, not only helping with the capital we needed to launch, but strengthening our financial foundation with advice and guidance and an eye on our mission and our ultimate, long-term goal", said Dobbs.  

"I'm confident that when we look back in 10 years our relationship with NewGate Capital will be every bit as important to our success as the first spread of jam was to that first slice of bread."

The funds from the seed round will be used to open the first two mall kiosk locations in Tampa and Orlando planned for the fall of 2016.

You can find more information about Daily Bread Bakers' offerings as well as news about their upcoming openings at their website at www.dailybreadbakers.com.

To learn more about NewGate Capital Partners and their services, please visit www.newgatecapitalpartners.com.

Source: NewGate Capital Partners